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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving families in the Butler County area. Below you can read more about our purpose and how our organization came to be. 

About Us

Our five course values are 

Our Purpose

Across the United States, one in five children grows up in poverty. Of the counties with the highest poverty rates, 90% are rural. Because of circumstances beyond their control, millions of kids never reach their full, healthy potential.

Chrysalis Community Development Agency believes every child deserves the opportunity to experience the necessities of dry diapers and decent clothing. Although not formally established until July 2020, we’ve served Butler County, Ohio’s residents since 2008 with clothing, backpacks, food, and diapers. We are dedicated to providing families in the Butler County area with the supplies needed to thrive.

Our mission is to use our hands to serve, our hearts to give, our lives to empower all, to envision a greater community

Our Story

In 2017, our Executive Director, Vanessa McQueen, met with Brookwood Elementary school staff and their Butler County Success Liaison in hopes of providing more assistance to Butler County families. She found out that families struggled to diaper and clothe their children who were not in school. Touched by the desperation, she volunteered to take the challenge on and created Mary’s Helping Hands

Mary’s Helping Hands is named in honor of two outstanding women – Mary Green and Mary McQueen. Both women were exceptional examples of sacrifice and service – first to their families – and then to their communities. They gave  themselves unselfishly, leaving a legacy that is now a standard for their children.

Behind the Name

chrysalis butterfly.jpg
chrysalis butterfly.jpg

Chrysalis [noun]
chrys·​a·​lis | \ ˈkri-sə-ləs

a sheltered transitional state of being and growth, usually associated with the transition from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

We are here as a safe space to provide those in difficult transitional stages with the proper support they need to grow. Like a Chrysalis to a butterfly.

We carry this legacy forward, under the name Chrysalis, by reaching out to our community and serving those in need. In so doing, we continue to reveal the power of love and an example of service to the next generation.

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