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The mental health of babies, children, and young people has a direct influence on their future mental health, as well as their current and future physical health, affecting their wider life chances and outcomes. The early part of the life course, from birth to young adulthood (0 to 25 years), provides important opportunities for promoting and protecting mental health.

I Matter is an initiative of Chrysalis Community Development Agency that started  Our vision is to support the mental health of babies, children, and youth. We will accomplish this by working with mental health professionals and other programs to serve our community.

Mother with Twins
Mother with Twins

Mental Health for Babies

The availability of clean diapers is essential for the health and development of babies. Infants left in soiled diapers for extended periods are at risk for various health issues, including severe diaper rash, infections, and discomfort, which can lead to increased crying and distress. This not only affects the child’s physical health but can also impede their emotional and cognitive development. Regular changes promote a sense of well-being and comfort, allowing babies to engage more positively with their surroundings and caregivers.

Chrysals CDA understands how important it is for families to be able to provide diapers for their children. Through our diaper program, Mary's Helping Hands, we provide over 22,000 diapers monthly to babies and toddlers in need.

Mental Health for Youth

Through several initiatives since 2020, we have worked with youth to improve their mental health status. Through one one-on-one and group sessions, youth are given empowerment, encouragement and life skills. 

Group Hug
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